Making an Entrance: The 2015 Subaru Legacy

2015 Subaru Legacy

My travel, accommodations and related items provided by the Chicago Auto Show.

Out of all the new car debuts at the Chicago Auto Show Media Preview, the most memorable was probably when Subaru revealed the 2015 Subaru Legacy. A giant “3D printer” stood on the stage and was slowly pulled up to reveal the 2015 Subaru Legacy inside. It was a pretty dramatic reveal!

Giant Replica 3D Printer

2015 Subaru Legacy Reveal

2015 Subaru Legacy in Smoke

2015 Subaru Legacy Side View

Subaru Press Conference

Introducing The 2015 Subaru Legacy

Subaru also knows how to throw a pretty sweet party, as I discovered when I attended their Sweet Home Chicago 2014 party that evening. (Check out this photo of me at the party taken by IDM Photography!)

Subaru Party

After taking my photo and giving me a commemorative pin, I had my choice of snacks, from a Subaru lollipop to a wheelbarrow full of chips. We danced to Journey cover songs and ate cola cupcakes – my kind of shindig!

7 thoughts on “Making an Entrance: The 2015 Subaru Legacy

  1. That is a beauty of a car!! I’m glad you had fun.

    It’s crazy to me to see 2015. I remember when I was in elementary school and they had us write what we thought would happen in 2010 and on and I said flying cars.

    Subaru needs to hop on that ;)

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