Kia: New Cars, Dancing Hamsters & The Matrix

Kia K900

Travel consideration provided by The Chicago Auto Show.

The first press conference I attended at The Chicago Auto Show Media Preview was put on by Kia. I enjoyed the Kia Sorento that I test drove a few years back, so I was curious to see what their newest models would have to offer.

Kia K900 Interior

On display was the Kia K900, the only car that has Morpheus as a spokesperson. They showed us the Matrix-themed commercial on the big screen, which was awesome for this Matrix fan!

Kia Press Conference

During the press conference, Kia unveiled several new cars, including the 2015 Kia Soul EV and the 2014 Optima Hybrid, as well as their Niro Hybrid concept vehicle.

Kia Dancing Hamster

At the end of the press conference, they brought out these “Dancing hamsters” and let us get a closer look at the new cars. When I was looking at the press materials after the event, Jai spotted me in the crowd in some of the photos:

Press at The Kia Announcement

Photo courtesy The Chicago Auto Show

It’s like a Where’s Waldo picture! ;)

Me at Kia Press Conference

Photo courtesy The Chicago Auto Show

27 thoughts on “Kia: New Cars, Dancing Hamsters & The Matrix

  1. Kia makes some really cool cars. I think I liked the chubby, normal looking hamsters better, but the hamsters don’t affect my opinion of Kia either way!

  2. Kia’s seem to be fairly decent cars. Years ago I considered getting a Kia but at the time went with a Toyota and have stuck with it. My friend has a KIA SUV tho and is obsessed with it

  3. I love the new Kia’s. The hamster commercials were just odd, but they did stick in your head. I love the blue color of the car in your posts – that hue is amaze-balls!

  4. My daughter just looked over my shoulder and said “I want that.” and pointed to the Kia. She turns sixteen in a couple of months. Their marketing toward the younger generation is working well. Glad you had a good time at the auto show.

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