Hyundai: Your #1 Source For Zombie Survival Vehicles

Zombie Survival Machine

Travel consideration provided by the Chicago Auto Show. All zombie-fighting skills are my own.

If you’re going to survive a zombie apocalypse, you’re probably going to need a getaway car. I’ve already received my Zombie Hunting Permit, so all I’m missing now is a bugout vehicle! Fortunately, Hyundai had a special display of its Zombie Survival Machines for viewing at the Chicago Auto Show.

Zombie Getaway Car

Hyundai Zombie

Bugout Vehicle


Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

These vehicles are the result of the Walking Dead Chop Shop campaign, where fans of the popular zombie TV drama could customize their own bugout vehicles and compete for survival. On the final day of the Chicago Auto Show Media Preview, Hyundai received the first place WOMMA Driving Engagement Award for this clever viral marketing campaign, which was presented during a special breakfast and awards ceremony.

WOMMA Panel Discussion

After the awards ceremony, WOMMA hosted a panel discussion with industry experts regarding social media trends. From left to right – Suzanne Fanning, WOMMA President; Tanuja Singeetham, digital
champion for North America, Nestlé; Jennifer Wesley, head of industry, Google; and Mark Bisard,
vice president and senior counsel, American Express.

After the awards ceremony, Hyundai held a press conference discussing the Hyundai Genesis.

Hyundai Genesis Press Conference

Bloggers Working

From left to right: Myself, Kelly, Louise & Ashley. Photo courtesy the Chicago Auto Show.

Here’s a photo of me taking photos at the Hyundai press conference. ;)

2014 Veloster RE:FLEX

During the press conference, Hyundai also unveiled the 2014 Veloster RE:FLEX. The Veloster line is one of Hyundai’s popular economy cars – so that you can escape zombies without breaking the bank! ;)

I Look Insane in All of my YouTube Video Thumbnails

I make videos fairly regularly, but I am certainly not an actor, or a TV personality; I’ve never taken classes on how to carry myself on camera. At some point when I have more time to devote to it, I’d have fun taking an acting class just so I could learn what kind of posture and movements carry over best on camera. At the very least, I’d like to learn what full-time vloggers do to ensure that they have a good frame to use as a thumbnail preview for their video. Every time I create a video, I look normal enough while watching it, but my mannerisms do not translate into still frames. Here’s an example of what my choices are for the preview thumbnail when I make a video:

YouTube Thumbnails

Yep…I look deranged in every single one of them. I wish I could say that this is just a one-off problem, but this is what I’m up against pretty much any time I make a video:

YouTube Thumbnails 2

Experts say that you should remember to be animated on camera, but I think I could benefit from being a little LESS animated!

Blast From The Past

New Year's LAN Party, 2004

The (Modern) games mentioned in this article were promotional copies which I received. This post contains Amazon Associates links.

I was looking through some old photos that Jai had backed up on a flash drive when I found this one from New Year’s Eve 2004. I used to host LAN parties every New Year’s, where all my friends would come over for a fun night of gaming. Jai would hook up multiple PCs and my friends would also bring their console systems so there was a wide selection of games to play. It was always a blast – I’ll never forget one year when there was a perfectly timed PAC-MAN death that happened at the stroke of midnight!

My contribution was always my SNES, pictured above. It was way outdated in 2004, and it still remains the only console I own. It’s not that we don’t like to game – clearly, we do! – but Jai is mostly focused on computer gaming, and I’ve just never gotten around to getting a newer system. One of these days, I will, but I’ve also been stuck on the same level of Yoshi’s Island for close to ten years, so I really ought to beat that before I move on. ;)

What do you mean, it won't work? Should I blow on the cartridge?

Still, I’m not 100% out of touch. Because I’m on so many media mailing lists, I will sometimes get promo copies of new games for editorial consideration. I pass these on as gifts to my more up-to-date gamer friends! I’ve never gotten any SNES games, although there IS actually a new game being released for that console this year so I fully expect a review copy once it becomes available. ;) I have, however, been getting some cute games for DS, the modern version of my Gameboy. There’s been a few this year based on Dreamworks films, like The Croods: Prehistoric Party! which looked like a cute little game, and most recently, Turbo: Super Stunt Squad. I noticed that this game has an “E for everyone” rating with a qualifier that it contains “Comic mischief”, which has to be the best content warning ever. I actually saw a preview for this movie recently and it looked pretty funny. I think the snail is also a good representation of the speed with which I upgrade my gaming consoles. ;)

What gaming consoles do you have in your house?

Never Answer The Phone

Amazon Associate links ahoy!

A few months ago, Jai and I watched Memento on NetFlix for the first time. I have been saying “I really want to see this movie!” since it came out over a decade ago – I am so behind the times. We really liked it; I want to watch it again to try and make more sense of it, and see if there’s an alternate version available that starts at the end. Knowing me, it’ll be another 10 years before I have time to re-watch it.

So today, we were going over some of the things on our to-do list, and I said to Jai: “Everyone thinks I’m really organized, but it’s only because I write every single thing down in my planner. I’m just like the guy in Memento – I have no idea what’s actually going on, I just have a list of things telling me what to do.” He then reminded me of our favorite scene from the movie, which he can relate to so well:

I know it’s supposed to be a thrilling plot twist, but we both cracked up laughing the second it happened – if Jai were to ever get a tattoo, this is exactly what it would say! He hates getting phone calls more than anyone else I know. It’s not the phone calls themselves, but the urgency that every call seems to come with. Now that everyone has cell phones, there’s this creepy culture that has seeped in where people will call you at any hour (Including midnight) and expect a call back within 5 minutes. Smartphones seem to have really opened the floodgates and we both find ourselves having to keep our phones on mute permanently if we want to avoid being woken up in the middle of the night because someone wants to gab or show us a funny YouTube video. If you’ve ever read “The Murderer” by Ray Bradbury, it beautifully sums up how I feel about cell phones – and he predicted it all in 1953!

At any rate, I was glad that we finally watched this movie after so much time. I’m so notoriously behind on movie-watching that my brother-in-law once made a list of classic movies that I’m supposed to watch. Unfortunately, I lost the list – which also seems like something that would happen to the Memento character. ;)

Attack of The Birds

On our way to Eugene last month, Jai and I pulled over at a rest area. As I headed back from the restroom, Jai opened his car door and waved his arm at me. I knew he was trying to get my attention about something so I stopped walking and gave him a puzzled look. He was trying to give me a heads-up about this:

Attack bird

As Jai sat in the car, he watched this bird swoop down and dive-bomb every person that walked by; he realized what was happening when he saw people swatting at their heads. Why, you ask?

Baby birds

Because this nest of adorable baby birds was nearby!

Bird attack diagram

This picture gives you an idea of how close this nest was to the parked cars. With people walking back and forth all day, these birds are going to have their work cut out for them patrolling the nest.