3 Halloween Costume Ideas Using Wigs

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Halloween is my favorite holiday! I always have fun dressing up, so I will seize any excuse to put on a costume. I always go all out to make my Halloween costumes as convincing as possible, so I have several wigs in rotation that I’ll pull out and modify to suit the character. Sometimes, a wig is all you really need to pull a costume together! So to give you a little inspiration for your next costume party, here’s a few of my favorite fancy dress ideas using wigs:

Super Villain

Dr. Octopus

Back in 2012, I hosted a Spider-Man themed Halloween party and decided to make my own Dr. Octopus costume using dryer hose! You may not realize it at first glance, but my brown hair in this photo is actually a wig – my own hair was dyed black and blue at the time, so I took a long brown wig that I had and pinned it up to resemble Doc Oc’s famous bowl cut!

Rock Star

My 2015 #Halloween costume: Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran

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A few years later, I pinned up that same brown wig when I dressed up as Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran.

Adam Levine costume

On another occasion, I used a short black wig and went as Adam Levine for Halloween!

Cartoon Character

And for a costume with true whimsy, all you need is a pink Trolls wig! (And maybe a doughnut dess!)

Super Star Wig

Whether you want to channel your inner rock and roll star for an awesome costume, or just have a little fun with your usual look, Divatress has you covered. Divatress are an online retailer specializing in synthetic wigs, with a slew of fun colors and styles at affordable prices. I’m actually thinking about buying this red Super Star wig for the costume I want to do this year – Elmyra from Tiny Toons! Now that I’ve become the Crazy Bunny Lady adopting multiple pet rabbits, it just seems too perfect, and this wig looks just like her cut and color. I also love that it’s made to be used with hot irons for styling – if I tried that on any of my other wigs, they would melt, so I definitely need a few Divatress wigs in my life! And yes, I love Halloween so much that I’m the kind of person who can decide on their costume in January. ;)

Have you ever made a Halloween costume using a wig?

Decorating For Christmas

Our Christmas Tree 2013

Jai and I put our Christmas decorations up last night! This is our tree for 2013.

Maroon 5 Bauble

Mini Stocking

Santa SpongeBob

Knitted Snowman



Vintage Cracker

Tree Topper



Cracker & Bauble

Our Tree!

The stockings are hung by the “Mantle”:

Stockings on The Mantle

And this year, I set out this vintage egg nog set in the kitchen on the new shelves that Jai built when we finished renovating this room over the summer:

Egg Nog Set

Egg Nog Glasses

Have you decorated your house for the holidays? If so, link me to your pics, I’d love to see them!

Happy 4th of July!

Vintage flag dress

Happy Independence Day! Do you like my outfit? This is a vintage ’60s dress that Grandma gave me. I wear it every 4th of July!


Every year, Seaside hosts a large fireworks show on the beach. We have a great view of the show from Grandma’s house, so we headed up there this evening to watch the display – these are a few photos that we snapped.








American friends: Did you do anything fun for the 4th?