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Displays at the Chicago Auto Show

2014 Chicago Auto Show

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll recall that I covered the Chicago Auto Show for Beeb-Log back in 2014. I love CAS – it’s become something of a tradition for me over the past few years! There’s so much to see at the Chicago Auto Show – and I never pass up an opportunity to get a slice of authentic deep dish pizza while I’m in town. ;) Regrettably, I had to pass up the invitation to attend this year, but for a great reason – Jai and I will be traveling in Europe for all of February to celebrate our wedding with all my family in the UK and do a little honeymooning in Iceland! But I’ll still be able to keep up with all the fun in Chicago while I’m on my trip thanks to the #CAS18 BUZZHUB sponsored by! is your top resource for researching new vehicles, as well as buying and selling vehicles in your area. This year, they’re signing on with the Chicago Auto Show as a premier partner to power the BUZZHUB, where attendees can recharge their devices and share their favorite moments from CAS on social for a chance to win daily prizes. Even more fun? They actually made this announcement using a photo of me, Tweeting away at the social hub during the Chicago Auto Show in 2016:

I’ll be following along with the #CAS18 hashtag while I’m in England to keep up with all the news and fun from this year’s show – be sure to check it out from February 10th through the 19th, and follow on Twitter @CarsDotCom!

Kia: New Cars, Dancing Hamsters & The Matrix

Kia K900

Travel consideration provided by The Chicago Auto Show.

The first press conference I attended at The Chicago Auto Show Media Preview was put on by Kia. I enjoyed the Kia Sorento that I test drove a few years back, so I was curious to see what their newest models would have to offer.

Kia K900 Interior

On display was the Kia K900, the only car that has Morpheus as a spokesperson. They showed us the Matrix-themed commercial on the big screen, which was awesome for this Matrix fan!

Kia Press Conference

During the press conference, Kia unveiled several new cars, including the 2015 Kia Soul EV and the 2014 Optima Hybrid, as well as their Niro Hybrid concept vehicle.

Kia Dancing Hamster

At the end of the press conference, they brought out these “Dancing hamsters” and let us get a closer look at the new cars. When I was looking at the press materials after the event, Jai spotted me in the crowd in some of the photos:

Press at The Kia Announcement

Photo courtesy The Chicago Auto Show

It’s like a Where’s Waldo picture! ;)

Me at Kia Press Conference

Photo courtesy The Chicago Auto Show

Making an Entrance: The 2015 Subaru Legacy

2015 Subaru Legacy

My travel, accommodations and related items provided by the Chicago Auto Show.

Out of all the new car debuts at the Chicago Auto Show Media Preview, the most memorable was probably when Subaru revealed the 2015 Subaru Legacy. A giant “3D printer” stood on the stage and was slowly pulled up to reveal the 2015 Subaru Legacy inside. It was a pretty dramatic reveal!

Giant Replica 3D Printer

2015 Subaru Legacy Reveal

2015 Subaru Legacy in Smoke

2015 Subaru Legacy Side View

Subaru Press Conference

Introducing The 2015 Subaru Legacy

Subaru also knows how to throw a pretty sweet party, as I discovered when I attended their Sweet Home Chicago 2014 party that evening. (Check out this photo of me at the party taken by IDM Photography!)

Subaru Party

After taking my photo and giving me a commemorative pin, I had my choice of snacks, from a Subaru lollipop to a wheelbarrow full of chips. We danced to Journey cover songs and ate cola cupcakes – my kind of shindig!

Hyundai: Your #1 Source For Zombie Survival Vehicles

Zombie Survival Machine

Travel consideration provided by the Chicago Auto Show. All zombie-fighting skills are my own.

If you’re going to survive a zombie apocalypse, you’re probably going to need a getaway car. I’ve already received my Zombie Hunting Permit, so all I’m missing now is a bugout vehicle! Fortunately, Hyundai had a special display of its Zombie Survival Machines for viewing at the Chicago Auto Show.

Zombie Getaway Car

Hyundai Zombie

Bugout Vehicle


Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

These vehicles are the result of the Walking Dead Chop Shop campaign, where fans of the popular zombie TV drama could customize their own bugout vehicles and compete for survival. On the final day of the Chicago Auto Show Media Preview, Hyundai received the first place WOMMA Driving Engagement Award for this clever viral marketing campaign, which was presented during a special breakfast and awards ceremony.

WOMMA Panel Discussion

After the awards ceremony, WOMMA hosted a panel discussion with industry experts regarding social media trends. From left to right – Suzanne Fanning, WOMMA President; Tanuja Singeetham, digital
champion for North America, Nestlé; Jennifer Wesley, head of industry, Google; and Mark Bisard,
vice president and senior counsel, American Express.

After the awards ceremony, Hyundai held a press conference discussing the Hyundai Genesis.

Hyundai Genesis Press Conference

Bloggers Working

From left to right: Myself, Kelly, Louise & Ashley. Photo courtesy the Chicago Auto Show.

Here’s a photo of me taking photos at the Hyundai press conference. ;)

2014 Veloster RE:FLEX

During the press conference, Hyundai also unveiled the 2014 Veloster RE:FLEX. The Veloster line is one of Hyundai’s popular economy cars – so that you can escape zombies without breaking the bank! ;)

New From Nissan: The 2015 Versa Note SR & Frontier Diesel Runner Powered by Cummins

Nissan Press Conference

My travel and related consideration was provided by the Chicago Auto Show; their media fly-in program is sponsored by Nissan.

During the special media preview of the Chicago Auto Show, I attended a press conference from Nissan where they debuted two new vehicles:

2015 Versa Note SR

This is the 2015 Versa Note, which will become available for purchase this spring.

Frontier Diesel Runner Powered by Cummins

Frontier Diesel Runner

This is the Frontier Diesel Runner Powered by Cummins, an awesome-looking mid-size pickup truck that has a diesel engine. Nissan is going to be looking to the market to see what their customers think of a diesel pickup truck for their needs.

Nissan Cars at The Chicago Auto Show

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Display

These new models, plus a variety of other Nissan innovations, are on display at The Chicago Auto Show – today is your last chance to check it out, so make sure to drop by if you’re in the area!

Nissan: Innovation That Excites

Nissan also hosted a special party the night before the media preview, as a way to welcome us to Chicago. We ate some yummy snacks from the slider bar and taco bar, and drank a few beers from the beer van. Yes, you heard me: Nissan had a special van on display inside the building that had beer taps fitted on the side!

Nissan Beer Van

Beers on Tap

Nissan Beer Van Friends

These two not only recommended an awesome beer for me to try, but volunteered to pose for my photo. Two thumbs up!

The $1 Million Dollar Car & Other Luxuries Spotted at The Chicago Auto Show

Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Travel, accommodations and related consideration provided by the Chicago Auto Show. No million dollar car, unfortunately! ;)

During my walk through the displays at The Chicago Auto Show, one of the most memorable parts was the number of luxury cars. And I do mean “Luxury” – that car you see pictured above is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4. The price listed on that sign? $1,487,640. Yes, you read that price tag correctly! Super Coupon Girl won’t be driving this model any time soon. ;)

Maserati Ghibli S Q4

I also attended a press conference from Maserati, who were discussing the features of the Ghibli S Q4, their new sport sedan. Fun fact: I can’t hear the names “Maserati” or “Bugatti” without getting Britney’s “Work” stuck in my head, so the song was running through my mind the entire time I browsed the high-end car displays.

Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador Factsheet


Also on display was the slick Lamborghini Aventador. This looks just like the model that was in the Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas special…luckily, it doesn’t look like Frank was able to tie sandbags to this one.

Ferrari FF

Ferrari California 30

I also spotted the Ferrari FF and Ferrari California 30. The price tag on these looks like a bargain compared to the million dollar Bugatti…

BMW Press Conference

Finally, I attended a press conference from BMW where they announced their 2014 BMW 740Ld xDrive and showed off several other vehicles.

2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

2015 BMW M3 Sedan

2015 BMW M4 Coupe

2014 BMW 235iM Coupe

If you have fun gawking at luxury cars, these and more will be on display at The Chicago Auto Show through February 17th!

Getting Behind The Wheel of Captain America’s Car

2014 Corvette Stingray

All travel and related consideration provided by the Chicago Auto Show.

Or, more accurately, Black Widow’s car! At the Chicago Auto Show last week, Chevrolet announced that their 2014 Corvette Stingray will be featured in Captain America: Winter Soldier as Black Widow’s vehicle of choice.

Captain America

We were given the chance to hop in the driver’s seat to get a closer look, so naturally we had to take advantage of the photo opportunity!

Run, Louise, run!

Ashley! Why did you let the baby drive?! Don’t let her run over Louise!

Beeb in Black Widow's car

I tried to do my best Black Widow impression with my red hair and black suit. ;)

Captain America Chevrolet Comic

We also received limited-edition Captain America comics, which was an awesome keepsake! Chevrolet will be doing comic book giveaways on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th, so if you’re in Chicago and love comic books like I do, you’ll want to stop by the Chicago Auto Show on one of those days to check it out!

Chicago Auto Show 2014: What to Expect

Chicago Auto Show

All travel and related consideration provided by the Chicago Auto Show.

Last week, I flew out to Chicago for a special advance media preview of the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. This is the largest auto show in North America, using 1 million square feet in McCormick Place for its myriad displays. I felt like I only began to scratch the surface of what the show contained!

Displays at the Chicago Auto Show

Of course, the Chicago Auto Show is the place to be to see all of the newest car models and take test drives and ride-alongs on both indoor and outdoor tracks. You’ll also find fascinating concept cars and vintage vehicles on display.

Kia K900

Silverado Z71 Volunteer Firefighter Concept Car

But there’s so much more to do than just gaze at the cars. There are all kinds of fun activities on hand, from games and driving simulators to photo booths, sweepstakes and freebies – one of my favorites was the Scion Swag Machine, where you upload a photo on Instagram using a special hashtag and Geotag your location. Once the machine sees your photo, it dispenses a prize!

Scion Display

For a full list of everything happening, check out this full list of interactive displays and event schedule. I’ll be sharing more recaps and photos from my time at the Chicago Auto Show over the coming days, so stay tuned for those as well!

Chicago Auto Show 2014: Location, Tickets & Hours

When: February 8th through February 17th
Where: McCormick Place – 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60616
Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM every day through the 16th; 10 AM to 8 PM on the 17th.
Tickets: Adults: $12 Seniors 62+ & Children Ages 7-12: $6. Children under 6 are admitted free. Tickets are available on

Special Days:

Food Drive, February 12th through the 14th: Bring 3 cans of food and receive half off your cost of admission.
Telemundo Hispanic Day, February 14th: A number of special events are scheduled this day – visit for details.
Family Day, February 17th: This is the last day of the Chicago Auto Show and geared towards fun with the whole family.

For information on where to find Weekday Discount Coupons for the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, click here.

2014 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview

Chicago Auto Show 2014

Travel and accommodations are being provided by the Chicago Auto Show.

This week, I’m heading back to the Windy City for a special media preview of the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. This is the largest auto show in the country, and will open its doors to the public on February 8th. I’ll be getting a sneak peek at new offerings and innovations from all the major automobile manufacturers and participating in some fun activities – make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram for real-time updates, and watch this space next week for my full recap!

Have you ever been to the Chicago Auto Show?